Independent is the new Major. 

The Medium is a multi-media artist collective; we serve as a creative hub, consulting firm and culture brand. Our output consists of a wide array of the ‘arts’; photography, fine arts, curation, music, film, internet video and print media.

We put on multimedia events and create products. We make movies and perform at shows. We paint and curate art. We write and listen. We consult and make things better. 


Our Story

The Minority is really The Majority. 

The Medium came together out of necessity.  With our team consisting of independent artists, we always felt there was a missing piece to each of our individual careers. Strength in numbers, because numbers don't lie, the media does. 

The Narratives we saw of our people - Arab, African, Indigenous but displaced  -  was not in our hands.  In 2013, The Medium was formed as an artist collective and house of creatives. We have since worked with major brands, launched successful campaigns online for music, released books, dropped albums, designed clothing, curated art exhibits and produced films. 

In the next 10 years, we hope to aid in the cultural representation of the 'other', the new citizen - the people of Internationality. We want to share our stories in the hopes of sharing yours.

We work with companies and people through the Arts and Education. We live around, and work for, The World. We Are The Medium.